Un-dam the Klamath River

Dams out by 2020!

Outdated dams on the Klamath River block native salmon from 420 miles of habitat and create dangerous toxic algae blooms that threaten all people who depend on the river for healthy food, recreation, as well as commercial, sport and traditional fishing. These outdated dams provide no irrigation or flood control and can be replaced by renewable energy at equal cost to repairing them.

Our work to un-dam the Klamath has included mobilizing with tribal allies, river activists and commercial fishing communities to pressure dam owners to negotiate and support historic settlements for dam removal and restoration. We also continue to press forward with enforcement of the Clean Water Act to halt federal re-licensing of the Klamath dams and will continue to be an attentive watchdog on dam removal processes and settlements, with an eye on both interim conditions and implementation.

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