Rivers Need Water

A century of mismanagement in the Klamath Basin has resulted in over allocation of water and illegal water diversions and a labyrinth of canals, irrigation ditches and other water-wasting infrastructure that threaten the survival of native salmon species and the tribal communities that depend on them. Klamath Riverkeeper works closely with the Karuk, Yurok and Klamath Tribes to increase water flows for fish in all Klamath River tributaries through our Rivers Need Water campaign.

At the core of our work we focus on two major Klamath River tributaries to the Klamath, the Scott and Shasta Rivers. These unique rivers share an important role in providing essential habitat for Klamath coho salmon, threatened with extinction without significant increases in cold water and habitat in the near future.

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Rivers Need Water: Fund the Long-term Solution


We need your help so that when state and federal agencies allocate millions of dollars for water conservation projects this year they fund adequate flows for our rivers and streams to support healthy fish. Please sign the petition to support funding criteria that will fund flows for our rivers!