Take Action


UnDam the Klamath River:

The Klamath basin is plagued by PacifiCorp’s dams that block salmon from returning home to spawn and endanger community health.

Protect the Klamath River from Suction Dredge Gold Mining:

Suction dredge mining uses a gasoline powered vacuum to suck up river and stream bottoms, extract the gold, and release everything else back into the river. You can help protect clean water, salmon habitat and cultural resources.

Help Stop Pipeline Under the Klamath River:

A proposed fracked gas pipeline under the Klamath River threatens water quality, fisheries, Native American communities and the climate. Please sign this petition urging Oregon’s Governor and state agencies to stop it.

Rivers Need Water:

We need your help so that when state and federal agencies allocate millions of dollars for water conservation projects this year they fund adequate flows for our rivers and streams to support healthy fish. Please sign the petition to support funding criteria that will fund flows for our rivers!