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You can Help to Un-Dam the Klamath

No one said the biggest dam removal in history was going to be easy. That’s why Klamath Riverkeeper, along with over 40 other stakeholders, have been working tirelessly for more that 17 years to free the Klamath River. We need your help in this final stretch. The next step in removing four obsolete dams in the Klamath River is to transfer their license from… read more >>

Closing a Loophole for Water Bottling Companies in Siskiyou County

Right now, Siskiyou County law requires a permit for the extraction and export of groundwater, but water bottling companies are currently exempt.  In an effort to close this loophole, county residents are hard at work gathering signatures for a ballot initiative so voters can decide if water-bottlers should play by the same rules as other groundwater users.… read more >>

Klamath Logging Continues Despite Lawsuit: $2.50 per Log Truck Load

Extreme post-fire logging continues today despite pending legal claims with the implementation of the Westside Project, which includes 5800 acres of clear cuts above salmon-bearing streams in the Klamath National Forest. Most of the current logging activity is centered in the Walker Creek Closure Area just south of Seiad Valley, California. Yesterday,… read more >>

Klamath River Timber Sales Offered at Lowest Price in Recent History

Klamath National Forest to subsidize logging by charging approximately $2.00 per log truck load Yreka, Calif. – On Thursday, May 5, the Klamath National Forest is set to auction away critically important forests for pennies on the dollar. The agency will accept sealed bids on two Westside Project timber sales, Whites and Middle Creek, for the lowest price… read more >>

New Agreement in Principle for Klamath River Dam Removal

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 2, 2016 CONTACT: Konrad Fisher, 530-627-3311, New Agreement in Principle for Klamath River Dam Removal Representatives from California, Oregon and the federal Government announced an agreement-in-principle today with PacifiCorp detailing plans to remove four Klamath River dams. The dams… read more >>

Klamath Dam Relicensing Hearings This Week

If you support Klamath River dam removal, we encourage you to attend one of three upcoming meetings to discuss a relicensing application by dam owner PacifiCorp. The meetings will be held today at 5 p.m. in Arcata at the D Street Community Center, and tomorrow in at 10 am Orleans at the Karuk Department of Natural Resources Community Room and at 5 p.m. in Yreka,… read more >>